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Discover Exciting Events Presented by Cedar Hills

At Cedar Hills, we believe in creating a vibrant community for Assisted Living where residents can form lasting friendships, revel in life’s joys, and indulge in their favorite pastimes. With our diverse range of social events, special events and daily activities, we provide opportunities for residents to make the most of their time here. We constantly strive to enhance activity options and provide a fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

Nami Walk

June 1, 2024

Free Fishing

June 8/9, 2024

Flag Day

June 14, 2024

Father's Day

June 16, 2024

Downtown Summer Nights

June 20, 2024

Annual 4th of July BBQ - Noon

July 3, 2024

Gene Nassen received the Volunteer Award - September 2023.jpg

Jack Reese Volunteer of the Year Award

Gene Nassen received the Volunteer Award - September 2023

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If you’re eager to learn more about the exciting events happening at Cedar Hills or if you have ideas you’d like to share with us, get in touch today. Let’s collaborate and create an enriching community experience for our loved ones struggling with mental health challenges.

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