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Long Term Care:
Supporting Your Loved One’s Mental Health Journey

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Accepting the changing health outlook of your loved ones can be an emotional and challenging process for families. At Cedar Hills, we understand the practical difficulties involved in selecting the appropriate level and type of care for your family member. However, by assisting them in transitioning to a supported Mental Health Community, you can find solace in knowing that they will receive the necessary support with everyday activities, personal care, and medical needs.

Getting Started: Assisted Living Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for our Assisted Living services, all applicants are required to undergo an assessment. For Medicaid care, applicants must fill out the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) intake and referral form.

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Not Just a Nursing Home: Discover the Difference of Quality Adult Family Care

Our vision for Cedar Hills was to create a space that truly feels like home. Here, we strive to provide the warmth and comfort reminiscent of home-cooked meals, friendly faces, and shared celebrations. Our adult family care facility is not merely a place to reside; it is a space where we share life experiences and provide the best possible care. At Cedar Hills, long term care means implementing patient-driven strategies and offering a secure, home-like setting.

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Our Comprehensive Behavioral Facility Services

We are dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of individuals living with mental health conditions. By choosing Cedar Hills Adult Residential Care for  your family member, you are gifting them a chance at a more fulfilling life. Our Adult Family Home is thoughtfully designed to support their specific needs, igniting a fresh enthusiasm for life. Whether your loved one can still perform daily tasks on their own or they have more serious medical needs, we offer 24-hour in-home mental health care and convalescent care to those who require significant assistance.

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Our Adult Family Care Network: Nurturing Wellbeing

Every activity we plan for and task we perform is aimed at making our residents feel their best at all times. We offer a range of amenities and recreational activities within our living quarters that not only supports their physical wellbeing but also provides a positive environment for their mental health by allowing them to still enjoy the things they love out. This includes:

Visits by your doctor

Dentist services

Hair stylist services

Podiatrist services

Musical entertainment

Bible study sessions


Special attention to significant dates such as birthdays and holidays, with festivities, events and more

Openness to host various events based on resident interest

Additionally, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for residents to venture beyond our premises. We own a bus (with a lift) that is used for planned company outings. Some outings that have been offered in the past:

Fishing trips

Monthly shopping trips

Movie nights in the park

Pipins games

Walks in the park

Hockey games

Casino Trips


State Fair

Shoot hoops

Attendance at downtown summer nights


Experience the Cedar Hills Assisted Living Difference

At Cedar Hills Adult Residential Care, we bring together quality care, compassion, and a sense of community to make your family member’s journey in life more fulfilling. Discover the exceptional support services and companionship provided by our dedicated caregivers today at our long term care facility.

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